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Website owners: Add the Witches Chat room to your site to give your visitors an active, fun, and free chat option.

Add the Witches Chat room to your site

Here's why

Witches Chat is a shared chat room used many Wiccan and Pagan websites. We encourage you to add Witches Chat to your site to give folks a chat option. Because Witches Chat is used by many websites as a common chat room and it's always active.

No ads

Witches Chat does not have ads and there never will be any. The goal of Witches Chat is to bring people together to chat, not to make money.

Always active

Witches Chat is a shared resource. It's used by lots of different websites, so there's always folks to chat with.

Well managed

Witches Chat is managed by a handful of people called Ops. The Ops make sure that the chat room is free from trolls, spammers, and negativity.

Device independent

Witches Chat is accessable on any device. You can use your cellphone, a tablet, or a computer to access the Witches Chat room.

Wide audience

Witches Chat welcomes Wiccans, Pagans, Taoists, those interested in alternative religion, advocates for sustainability, political activists, revolutionaries, dissidents, bohemians, beatniks, constructive outcasts, and folks that just like the company of others.


Witches Chat is a chat room used for positive and constructive online interaction. The chat room is open 24/7. Like any chat room, there's a lot of humor, some lively debates, and new friends to make. We do not allow obsessive negativity, and we will remove folks that troll members. Lastly, Witches Chat is not a dating site, but several people have met over the years to form relationships.

Add Witches Chat

To add the Witches Chat room to your site, simple create a link that points to https://Witches.Chat/chat.php