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Witches Chat is an Online Community for Witches and Pagans. Here you will find Pagans, Wiccans, Eclectic and Solitary Witches, Practitioners of Witchcraft, Occultists, and Shamans.


We Provide a Platform for Sharing News, Information, and Experiences for Earth-Centered Spiritual Paths. We Promote and Disseminate Literature and Multimedia in support of Life Affirming Activism.


To Help people Fall Into Love with the Beauty of the World and with Each Other; To Help Each Other to Give More than we have Taken; To Learn to be Inclusive, Forgiving, Selfless, and Exceptional.

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Blessed Be All!

Hopefully you are able to write longer posts starting now to the forums. More points you have, the longer post you can make!

Please keep me posted if there is an issue.


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Happy Birthday Malatesa!

We here at the witches.chat want to wish you the very best birthday to date!

We love you and you are awesome, thanks for providing us this great site to get together!


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Spam E-mails

we've got few complaints regarding people spamming others. We will be monitoring the activity now more closely and find a way to get rid of spamming.

Mercury is in retrograde, weird stuff might occur!


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Issues Sending Private Messages

Hi guys!

We are aware of the said issue and we have update coming to fix it later this week. We are really sorry for it causing you guys annoyance, but fix is coming this week :)


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11th February 2020, 8:04 PM Free Theban Flash Cards 0 comments


Thank you!


Atom is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

  • Posted 22nd February 2020, 12:53 AM
  • By Atom

Hey there everyone-

My name is Atom,  and I'd like to say thank you to everyone here for making me feel welcome even though I am not a witch, nor a pagan. It is really great that everyone here seems to accept people for what they are, and this place has been great for me, because I finally feel free to embrace my talents and free to practice without judgement.


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