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Witches Chat is an Online Community for Witches and Pagans. Here you will find Pagans, Wiccans, Eclectic and Solitary Witches, Practitioners of Witchcraft, Occultists, and Shamans.


We Provide a Platform for Sharing News, Information, and Experiences for Earth-Centered Spiritual Paths. We Promote and Disseminate Literature and Multimedia in support of Life Affirming Activism.


To Help people Fall Into Love with the Beauty of the World and with Each Other; To Help Each Other to Give More than we have Taken; To Learn to be Inclusive, Forgiving, Selfless, and Exceptional.



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Free little booklets

  • Posted 22nd January 2020, 7:46 PM
  • By Malatesa

I have 40 little booklets left that contain The Charge of the Goddess written by Doreen Valiente. I made the little booklets a year or so ago, and the last 40 of these little guys need a home. They fit into just about anything because they are so small. They have 8 pages in them with Doreen's poem in them. I've made other little booklets in the past and sent them all out, and I'll make more in the future.

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Happy birthday Justin777


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Happy birthday Justin777 . May the upcoming year be one of the best of many to come.…

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Happy Birthday Mim!


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Happy birthday dearest Mim !…

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