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Kinda New


NecroticNerd is in the usergroup ‘Radical activist’

I am new here well sort of. I have a habit of changing online handles quite a bit. No name is good enough apparently but in a weird way this name suits me.Anyway hello and this time I hope to engage the community more.

brand new


greenteagirl is in the usergroup ‘Curious onlooker’

HEllo im jus joining the witch world i have no idea where to start i walways wanted to pursue this life just never had it in me till now i have no idea where to begian any advie will help  !!!!!!!



Spathí is in the usergroup ‘High Priest/ess’

  • Posted 21st January 2021, 5:16 PM
  • By Spathí

It really doesn't matter that your not native. White sage is an herb which means it comes from the earth so it doesn't belong to any 1 group of people. People getting mad because you are using a natural resource that's around for everyone's use is just as bad as someone claiming that your not allowed to swim because your not a fish "because that would be cultural appropriation…".

Majik and the Lottery


MikeTempe is in the usergroup ‘Witch’

  • Posted 21st January 2021, 3:43 PM
  • By MikeTempe

I agree, I find Money Magick spells interesting because most of the time you do have to put in some work or they work in ways we don’t always think about. For my example I did a money spell without any specific dollar amount (I just wanted some “extra” money) and a day later got an idea for something I could make and sell on eBay. So I did end up getting extra money, but I had to put some work into it. I think that is something you have to consider when doing these types of spells. Blessed be.

New Witch


jadestone is in the usergroup ‘Prophet/ess’

  • Posted 19th January 2021, 5:01 PM
  • By jadestone

Hi am a new Witch. My name is Jade and I would love to form a coven that I can share my journey with. 

Blog activity

What is Personal Power?


GualOwl is in the usergroup ‘Witch’

  • Posted 23rd January 2021, 8:13 AM
  • By GualOwl

What is “Personal” Power?

All of us are on an individual journey. All of us gain knowledge and understand things with time. Knowledge is an accumulation of wisdom gained on our personal journey. You could say it is our reality or world view.
Most authors go on in some depth warning us not to use our personal power for miner things. But is that a correct way to express that idea?
I have had many



iplaycomputer is in the usergroup ‘High Priest/ess’

hello!! i went to a wicca store near me and i got some stuff today!!
i got some white sage with lavender and an amethyst, but im going to give away the sage most likely, as i am white and not native!

i got some more crystals!!! an amethyst cluster, fluorite, scolecite, rose quartz, and a moonstone!!!

the reason i havent been to active as of late is because WOO its finals week, and ive been in a pretty rough patch and i didnt want to spread any negitivity around. im back though!

Majik and the Lottery


GualOwl is in the usergroup ‘Witch’

  • Posted 21st January 2021, 3:43 PM
  • By GualOwl

Majik and the Lottery

I don’t know how many times I have heard the question, “Can I use magic to predict the Powerball numbers?” I tried it a few times in my younger years and was always disappointed. But why? What did I do wrong?
My personal opinion is the following;
To achieve a successful outcome, we must have a TRUE need, a TRUE belief, a TRUE intention, and some pretty good visualization

Ostara birthday


Blu3 Macowl is in the usergroup ‘Prophet/ess’

My daughter's birthday is March 18 (Ostara.) Does this mean anything in particular? TIA

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19th January 2021, 4:00 PM New Witch 2 comments

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“We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.” - David Lynch