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RedGreyRaven is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

Blessed be everyone <3

Just giving quick info that we will be creating discord for our website.

Next part is naturally the usually the one some people are waiting for… who will be in the moderation team?

I currently have one moderator, who is working along side with me to build the channel as we speak. However, we will be needing more moderators!…



RedGreyRaven is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

Blessed be all!

Some of you have already noticed that there is section called LESSONS on our forums and there has been anticipation for them.…

I am alive!


RedGreyRaven is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

Hi all, giving you brief update about things regarding myself. SO HERE WE GO.

At the present moment they are still running tests what's wrong with me, so we have to wait for that a while. I am starting rehabilitation soon to help with my pains. Currently I cannot be promised happy future without pains, but c'est la vie.

and on more darker news. It was found out that my carpal tunnel syndrome has reappeared.

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