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News: My first blog

I'm Desert Sage, and this is my first blog.
I've spent a few hours rummaging  around on this site and I've been pleasently surprised  to find all the little treasures (info) thats freely available. Thank you, to everyone who made all this information accessible to everyone.…

News: big changes

Hey everyone. Hope you guys are doing good. tw: diet, blood
The biggest change I've had recently was my eating. I am now on the ClearVite eating plan which if you dont know means I am solely eating fresh fruits, veggies and some fish and chicken. It has been pretty difficult so far as my body is adjusting to a healthier eating plan, so I have a stomach ache most of the day, some abdomen pain and a headache. I…

News: Intro:

  • Posted 8th March 2021, 6:26 PM
  • By Jenn1218

Hello all, and thank you for accepting me, for me…By being here today, I'm hoping to find "Who I am" and "What is my purpose ".  I'm very excited to receive any and all feedback during my journey!

News: Lover being faithful

  • Posted 20th March 2021, 5:07 PM
  • By Ester

How can I find out if a lover is lying and cheating? 

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