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16th December 2020

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Enjoy!

News: Introducing myself

  • Posted 27th March 2020, 5:30 PM
  • By Fedup

Hello everyone. I have tried many institutionalized religious in the past and have been dissatisfied with all of them. I seek after the truth and am prepared to follow it wherever it may lead. I am not comfortable with any rule or standard which infringes upon the spirit of life and its natural expression. I am new to witchcraft and would appreciate any help along my path. Blessed be.

News: Help :)

Hi my name is Chai and i guess i am what you call, a baby witch? I'm fairly new to everything i have already learned some do's and do nots i already know which craft i am interested in which is green witchcraft. I just don't really know where to start…i would love some help.

News: Friends?

Hey! I just joined this site, and I am a closeted witch. I don't have any friends of family who support witchcraft, but I would love to have someone to share my interests with! If any of you are looking for a friend, let me know!

News: Please give me tips!

Hello! I am 12 years old and just joined witchcraft. I have a few books on it already and have been learning a lot sense I started! (Sorry about my horrible spelling) I was curious if you have any tips for me to activate and control magick. I have a wand, alter, crystals, my own book of shadows, and a candle. I also would love to join a coven so I can learn more but as I said earlier I am 12 so I need to get my parents permission with everything.

News: My Witchcraft Journey

Its my second day of trying to figure out witchcraft.. it's hard im going to try my first spell tonight maybe I will charge a water crystal by the moon? Idk yet… but I really need some advice and help I still wanna know what are all the witches?

News: A Connection Learned through Pain

  • Posted 17th August 2020, 10:29 PM
  • By Valentino

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted anything, sorry about that but life has been rather busy and hectic. I just wanted to take a moment and talk to you guys, gals, and non-binary pals about something a little more personal for me when dealing with anything spiritual or a higher being. When I first started out with Wicca and Witchcraft I didn't much pay attention to…

News: I can't talk about them

I had the illuminati contact me asking me to join. 🖤🔥🔥🖤.. An my 1st priority as always is to take care of my family before I'd focus on anything. So I'm broke from paying bills. An even though that makes me feel great, I feel like I'm numb, I try so hard to walk the path of light I've done extensive mind an body work
I learned how to do reiki in 2007 I have studied witchcraft my whole life.

News: Unknown Crystal

  • Posted 5th October 2020, 9:39 PM
  • By Ginger

So I was camping and found a Crystal with a weird aura I'm currently doing some research but if anyone knows something please tell me!

News: All Witches Fill Out This Survey

  • Posted 6th October 2020, 3:41 PM
  • By Ginger

Take this quiz if you are a Witch, Wicca, or any other type of magick user

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