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News: Book suggestions

  • Posted 28th February 2020, 10:03 AM
  • By Freyaóðr

         I am always looking for good books to read that will expand my mind and give me a magical adventure. If you know of any, please list below and I have tons of books as well I would love to share with you. Sending love, light, and protection your way forever be you. 🤗

News: Merry Meet!

Glad to be here. It good to see there's still social sites for witches. Had too many problems in the past with other sites including Facebook. I hope this site goes well for me. Blessings

News: update on my life

I am doing much better since I last wrote. :)I went to spend time with my family for the holidays which went mostly well. :thumbs:I start college again on jan 19. :$I am a sophomore. In terms of wicca, I have been stocking up on new things for it like rune stones and essential oils. I got all my bigger errands done for the week so I am enjoying my break now. I am still single as I have chosen to be to…

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