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Download: Pagan Translator

Pagan translator
6th December 2020

…t I do in my daily life I promote pagan  religions all over the World erasing language barriers for everybody.This is a sample of an article I wrote on Zamolxianism the religion of The Dacians.That religion survived and has many adepts in the country of Romania.If anybody want to  have their work on pagan topic translated into Romanian feel free to ask .I do that for FREE.On behalf of pagan Gods they pay me better th…

News: YULE chat - December 21st

Yule is closing up, as is other holiday festives.

If you wish to spend time with some fellow witches, pagans, occultist, craft curious people and so on…

The chat room is open for you. Please join the festive spirit :) You don't need to be member of the site to join.

Also join discussions on our forums and let us hear your development ideas for the site. We are here for you and want

News: Happy Birthday Malatesa!

We here at the want to wish you the very best birthday to date!

We love you and you are awesome, thanks for providing us this great site to get together!


News: Too Many E-mails

Feel like your inbox is too full of notifications from this site?

You can easily turn off the e-mail notifications from your profile.

My Profiles - > Edit - > Notifications and take off all which you don't want notifications about.


News: What to do?

  • Posted 9th April 2020, 4:40 PM
  • By Aryjm18

Hello Sisters and Brothers. I need help. Sorry for the long post Im just not sure what to do.
Growing up I was in a cult. I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. Now there are still a lot of people that I love and care about that are still suck in the religion. Recently my best friends sister who is still in the religion had her boyfriend break up with her so that he could leave the religion. Both my…

News: Looking for friends!

  • Posted 28th April 2020, 6:04 AM
  • By cicomio

Hi !
I just recently registered here,so I want to find some friends! c:

If you don't mind to start communicating then write to me! I'll be waiting.

News: Enter the Void

The space between everything.
  It's under your bed
  In your mind
  Behind your head
and out of time

They don't want you to know
They don't want you to see
 so pretend you don't,      and they won't
Erase your memory

News: A Much Needed Deep Breath For Our Planet

I say this with great care because I'm well aware how many people around the world are suffering right now, both physically and financially. But I feel it needs to be said:
While covid-19 has been a catastrophe for humanity it's been a blessing for our Planet Earth.  With humanity hitting the pause button on itself the Earth is  a little cleaner, less polluted, quieter than it was just a few months…

News: Hi Everyone

My name is Sadee, I am new to this group! I’m still trying to figure all of this out, but really want to chat with new friends to learn more and for help! Please help! 

News: Hi!

  • Posted 17th May 2020, 12:12 PM
  • By Işıl

Hi everyone! I’m new in here and I want to make friends. Because I haven’t got any friend who knows that I’m a witch. So, if you wanna be friends, we can talk anytime :)

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