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News: Apportation

Hello has anyone else had experience with this ?
I never knew it was a word until I read it today on one of the other forms

 I'm not familiar with the different terminology of things but just this year in the last 6 months I personally made one object disappear and at different times later made 2 objects appear.
 I've done this of course in the past but I always thought it was parted of…

News: Supernatural or natural

Many times, if not constantly. I've heard and read "witches, shamans, wizards, and sorcerer's" all acquired their abilities through worshipping a deity, doing a daily ritual, meditate and fast in a woods, or saying a mantra 101 times. Based on observation, I've noticed alot of people look to outward sources for power, happiness, and serenity. Based on my findings, those individuals are only…

News: Drink like an Egyptian

I've never been good at drinking because i would get queasy before i could get VERY much of a buzz.
 since hallows eve, i have been playing a drinking game and hit a couple blackouts. waking up on the couch , finding my laundry done, things rearranged.

I've heard of Egyptian festivals to drink with the gods. I think I'm there. not right now but a couple times a week i get a peak…

News: Noisy Neighbors

  • Posted 24th January 2021, 2:43 AM
  • By Keegan

Hello, my name is Keegan and I have a problem bigger than I want and can handle at the moment.

2 months ago my neighíbors upstairs moved in and since then there is a ruckus upstairs on a daily basis - I'm talking jumping, stomping and loud talking at atrocious times. I have tried talking to my landlord about this problem but since my landlord lives below me he doesn't hear it and therefore won't do anything against it.

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