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Download: Elphaba quotes

27th May 2020

These are inspiring quotes regarding Witches and other good things.

News: Update on sending things going out on ( Tuesday )

  • Posted 27th June 2020, 1:23 PM
  • By Malatesa

I've got about 120 things to send out in the mail to folks. @Mim Protection and Clearing Candles, welcome pamphlets, certificates, Theban Flash Cards, little booklets, and other things. It is becoming quite an operation and takes days to sort and prepare, so I expect I'll take everything to the post office on Tuesday ( June 30th )

News: A Work In Progress For The Great Conjuntion

  • Posted 23rd June 2020, 8:18 AM
  • By MikeTempe

The Great Conjunction

We must remember this day in December
When all the Planets and Stars will align
We will celebrate the day in a new kind of way
As we say praise to the great Goddess Divine.

News: Blessed

I am so grateful for this website! It is very refreshing to know that this exists and that we are less alone than we think. It is comforting knowing that this is a place that we can come for learning the truth and not the false things that are everywhere else. Thank you for blessing us with this amazing and helpful website <3 Blessed be…

News: need help with alternative

I am fairly new to the craft. I am practicing and also still researching and discovering new things every day. I have a spell I would like to perform but one of the things I need is grass seed. Is there an alternative I could use. I have been looking but have yet to come up with an answer. 

News: Red String Bracelets and other things


Malatesa is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

  • Posted 10th November 2020, 11:11 PM
  • By Malatesa

Pentacle Store purchases have been sent out today. These include Red String Bracelets made by MikeTempe  and Stickers made by Widders – heads up Endymion w0lf-w3nch

News:  :penta2: 🕯️"Candle Wax Question"🕯️ :penta2:

  • Posted 22nd November 2020, 12:52 PM
  • By YewArcher

A simple spell working with self divination.

News: Fortnight of Xmas

The 5 days before and after solstice, the longest nights of the year.

News: Points of view.

Every single living being sees things from a different perspective. Perspective itself is one's individuality. I personally think those who follow a path of enlightenment or personal ascension should be role models for those around us. The Craft of the wise if you will. As people in general, we need to respect another perspective, even if we don't agree with it, and find out why they see the subject matter in the way they do.

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