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News: 400 Members And Something Else Too!

Hi guys,

wow we have totally been having a rush past months. We've reached 400 members! This is im eyes of me and Malatesa very heartwarming and we hope you enjoy our site in the future too!…

News: hey!

  • Posted 17th May 2020, 10:41 AM
  • By Niamh.mcn

Hello, my mother is a witch so i guess i was born into this? Im new to everything so sorry if im wrong :). i do not know what 'type' of witch i am? I just know that i there is something different going on for me than others.…

News: Something to be excited about

Just saw the first firefly of the year in the back yard.  YAY!!!

News: Lost and need help

Ive been a wiccan for 23 years now and ive helped alot of people with spells, advice, divination, even helped those whome lost someone with my empathic clairsentience abilitys but when i loose my lil brother in a tragic accident one by the hand of our dad i loose everything i feel the goddess and god abandond me and i know this sounds stupid and way to hollywood but i feel like i cant no i…


  • Posted 13th June 2020, 11:07 PM
  • By Tate

I'm completely new to witchery and sm more of an empath BUT!!! SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! I dont have anything exact I know that it is someone important to either me or the world/my country but I cant get an exact answer, all my kinda 'vision' things involve some form of a dog and I just saw a manged dog walk into the woods. I may be over reacting but I feel something is going to happen something

News: New To Witch Life!

  • Posted 9th November 2020, 6:37 PM
  • By sarie2323

Hi everyone! I am new to this witch life and was just posting hoping someone could help me and guide me on this. Any good books to read or spell books? As well as how do i become a witch? I came to this idea because I have always been interested but especially recently since i manifested something and it came true. If anyone could reach out to me on snapchat or any other way and guide me through this that would be…

News: My Sister Or Me:   8-25-2020 @ 5: 00 am

I've recently been interested in going deeper into my shadow work in trying to discover who I am, good or bad.

I am an only child,  my mother has never indicated that she had other children. The dream….

I found myself in a college lecture hall, the type that looks like an amphitheater. Sitting next to me was a young woman in her early twenties. She was attractive, smart empathetic and she liked to dance.

News: Just Remember

  • Posted 30th August 2020, 1:05 AM
  • By MikeTempe

You are the only person on this earth that can use your ability. I came across this phrase tonight in my BOS as I was performing a cleansing ritual. I think it is something we should all remember. Blessed be.

News: Tarot Spreads/Discord Servers

Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows of any discord servers or tarot spreads I could use for this situation I am currently going through.
Here is the situation:
Lately, I have been having dreams where people I know will come over, or they get hurt in some way, and then it ends up happening in real life.
Recently, I had a dream that something very bad happened to my best friend, and something

News: Should I hide my Book of Shadows

  • Posted 28th September 2020, 6:47 PM
  • By Ginger

After I find something out about the spirit world, learn a spell, preform a ritual, or something odd happens I will write about it in my Book of Shadows. But, lately I have been paranoid that someone will steal it. I'm wondering if I should follow my instinct and hide the book?

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