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News: New design and upcoming chat

Hi everyone, as you can see the site has got new cozy outlook!

Also there is full moon chat on Friday 10th, to which all of you are really welcome. We have planned a small project for entire community with Malatesa , so we hope to see you there <3

News: Password Reset Issues


some of you have had issues with the passwords. Here is few tips to help!

Password length min 8 characters,
use special marks, numbers and Capitalised and small letters.

Example: _P4s_s_1


News: Corona virus anti-spell

  • Posted 21st March 2020, 3:51 AM
  • By dANpEACE

Wash your hands…
Say a spell
Divinate an earth healing layout
I used Rhodozite (very small if you can get them, but powerful)… Golden Healer quartz, and others. Plus a small sacrifice of gold nuggets. Ok. I'm fancy!

News: first time using altar

hi!!! so like,, im working on everything right now. its kind of overwhelming, but im so interested in all of this!
last night was my first time " praying " at my altar. i asked her for guidance! i left an apple, some small animal bones and rocks and a quartz gem. I also had a small dried piece of lavender. I'm unsure of if this was good or if i looked stupid, haha! but it felt nice, sitting…

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