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News: Corona virus anti-spell

  • Posted 21st March 2020, 3:51 AM
  • By dANpEACE

Wash your hands…
Say a spell
Divinate an earth healing layout
I used Rhodozite (very small if you can get them, but powerful)… Golden Healer quartz, and others. Plus a small sacrifice of gold nuggets. Ok. I'm fancy! Read more 1 comment

News: 900

We've reached 900 members! Thank you everyone for your efforts and being part of this community <3 Tell others more of us and let's grow beyond, bringing together witches all over the world <3 <3 <3Read more 0 comments

News: trying to say hello

Hello, I have been going around and around on the website, but the "introduce yourself" doesn't seem to be working? I even tried to use chat? So I don't know what is up, or if I'm supposed to wait a time period before I can use the site? Not sure. But, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to others, but I am unable to do so atm.  Read more 3 comments

News: Masks, masks and about wearing the masks

Hi everyone,
instead of posting this as news, I decided to make blog post out of it.
Let's talk a bit about subject called WEAR THE MASK
But first let's start with basics.

Definition of pandemic is a disease, usually new one, which spreads - often fast worldwide, infecting multiple people at once.

Worst well known pandemics include for example… Read more 15 comments

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