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News: Worried is an UNDERSTATEMENT

All we see is fear rushing at us from all angles.  What can WE as a collective do to help? I'm not talking raising money or donating items. I'm meaning OUR kind of help.  I completely believe that what ever we can come up with together will surpass what only one of us are capable of.

News: When to help a fellow Pagan…..

  • Posted 30th March 2020, 3:46 PM
  • By Felicia

Hi !    I remember the first few times when I wanted so desperately help a fellow pagan only to realize that I was not able to help them at all because I knew little or nothing about the path of their choice.   This is where I have learned that helping a fellow pagans does not necessarily mean teaching them anything.  A lot of time, it means supporting them in their decisions of following…

News: Mind lock

Lately, I have become irritable.
The crave of intellectual conversation grows stronger. In a world of memes and beeps is there anybody out there who craves the smell of old books and literature?

Is it possible to have a conversation not about what's on the television? Am I the only one who rather the thoughts of knowledge core or am I barking at the wrong door. Am I alone independently wondering, longing for someone to talk to whom I can feel challenged?

News: Have things changed

So im re doing my BOS and I'm a bit confused….. A lot of documents I used before I can't find and the stuff I can find is not even close to what I dound when I first made my BOS.
Even tarot is different then how I was taught am I the only one who is having trouble?

News: Dream-Esilon 8-22-2020 @4: 30 am

I just woke up from a dream, (the landscape within was about witchcraft and wicca) I can't remember details except one.  I was told by someone to remember the word " Esilon".

Before passing, my mother gave me our family geneology, ll try sifting through those papers tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to find an ancestor with that name.

If there is anyone in the group willing the help uncover my latest mystery, I'll be grateful for any help.

News: Just Remember

  • Posted 30th August 2020, 1:05 AM
  • By Saulamay

You are the only person on this earth that can use your ability. I came across this phrase tonight in my BOS as I was performing a cleansing ritual. I think it is something we should all remember. Blessed be.

News: A Student Of Existence

  • Posted 9th September 2020, 8:21 AM
  • By Hekentri

Just looking For feedback.  I'm a solo practitioner of the craft, but most importantly I am a dedicate/child of the Goddess Hecate.
I've been on this path for some years now, and its an excruciatingly lonesome one. I rarely come across other witches and when I do, their demeanor is often questionable at best. I've only ever spoken to one high priestess; she of coven Oldenwilde. That was for a brief period to help get me started.

News: Fear.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to speak on this topic. Fear for many of us is varied and wide ranged. My time on this chat has been short compared to others, but I've noticed alot of comments have been made on the lines of uncertainty. This is also a varied type of fear, and when embarking on any path everyone should be brutally honest with themselves. People who usually take up the path of the Art (lack of better words).

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