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News: Checking-in

Hi guys and blessed be-late Beltane from my end too.

I have been on a hiatus mode a lot as of lare, my deepest apologies for thst. But I am back to add more resources and naturally to welcome all our new members with open arms and warm heart.

As malatesa pointed out not so long time ago, I needed help to get myself in better shape physically. I will still need a lot of rehabilitation, but each day has been better.

News: What goes up Must come down… then Clarity?

I became the pagan white witch I always longed to be back in 2015. My bff and I created our own witch academy. Hitting the books, bouncing ideas off each other for our rituals plans, gathered all our ingredients and magick materials, planned weeks ahead, read tarot’s, made so many arts and crafts, organized, and set up an entire bedroom simply dedicated to our mission. To become the real deal witch’s….. I…

News: trying to say hello

Hello, I have been going around and around on the website, but the "introduce yourself" doesn't seem to be working? I even tried to use chat? So I don't know what is up, or if I'm supposed to wait a time period before I can use the site? Not sure. But, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to others, but I am unable to do so atm. 

News: New here

Hi all. Ty for the website. I'm a beginner witch.. just started some practices about a year or so ago. Been into astrology just about all my life though. But I'm  a combination of the cosmic, kitchen and green witch though. I have a lot of witchy items, just not the tarot or oracle cards yet. But I  dont  classify myself as anything other than a spiritual witchy freelancing white magick practitioner.

News: No Knob

There is only one doorknob missing in the house I moved into. It's where I decided to be my bedroom. I thought I would make one, something weird or 1 of those bookshelf style latches where you lift the corner of a book but something different.

 Now I'm thinking no knob might be some kind of sign
                                 Any ideas?
I dont really read for myself {spoilers} so what's the…

News: just joined today

:$message me for more info on myself if you wish to get to know me
pretty new at wicca now but i have accepted it as my religion
i have done 1 spell so far for bettering myself
i love artsy things like rhinestone painting and listening to music
i love to watch youtube
i love sweets

News: i has gave 1 pentacles away. 60 to go

im gunna stick myself down to 13…means who wants 50? fitty

News: In search of protection

Hello, I am very new. A baby if you will. I will not allow myself to get cast any spells or do anything I am not fully comfortable with because I am so new and know very little. I am trying to come into everything as respectfully as I can, and I want to learn and become more confident in myself before I do just about anything. That being said I have a 2 year old daughter and I am very worried about her protection physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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