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News: We Have Reached…

100 members in past month and half! Let's continue to grow more and become the favourite hang out place for us all <3

News: New milestone reached!

We have 600 members!
Let's grow more and spread the word of our wonderful community around!


News: (200) + !

hi guys, we've broken another step stone, as we have reached over 200 members <3


News: New Members

  • Posted 23rd February 2020, 11:31 PM
  • By Malatesa

It looks like new members can't sign in to the site. I'm not sure why.. yet. I'm working on a solution right now. Please be patiant while I fix this.

News: 300!

Madness? This… Is… Sparta!

Sorry could not resist, but we have reached a new milestone…. 300 members! We are glad to have all of you here <3


News: 400 Members And Something Else Too!

Hi guys,

wow we have totally been having a rush past months. We've reached 400 members! This is im eyes of me and Malatesa very heartwarming and we hope you enjoy our site in the future too!…

News: Over 700!

Wowza, we've reached 700 members!
We are very happy of this place growing in numbers <3

 Misding and changed avatars [
We are doing bit changes to the site, which included the randomly set avatars. You can easily set your own by clicking edit om your own profile page and choosing there the avatar tab :)

News: Avatars fixed

Missing avatars has been now replaced. You can always add your own avatar by accessing your profile, then click edit and avatar. you can add picture from your oem device or use URL.

We had small glitch, which meant we didn't have all members showing on our members listing. This has been now fixed and we have, 800+ members <3

News: 1K!

Wow wow, the day is here and we officially have 1000 members!

Spread the name more and let's get more people to help this community to grow!

Thank you all!

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