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News: Hello!

Hi! My name is lee, im a baby witch as some would say. im looking into learning more. if anyone has any tips feel free to help! im looking into a wiccan path, people have told me to learn the thing im most intrestead in and move on to the next…. i am very intrigued by tarot and candle magic.. but im not sure if it the choice just to jump into one thing with reading and so on.. thank you so much! <3

News: Three Fold Law

I learned the three fold law the hard way in March 2020. I was driving home from work late at night and a car sped to get into the lane I was in then immediately tried to turn right. Out of anger I flashed my brights at the car thinking they would continue their turn and I would continue on my journey home. The car I flashed slammed on the brakes and I was forced to swerve into the other lane where in passing I made eye contact with the other driver and shook my head.

News: About me

I was born a natural witch and didn't know it till ten years ago. I accept all people just as they are,judgment is not in my catergory. I'm also bisexual and embrace LGBT. I'm a lover of nature,art,metal music and animals. I have experienced a great deal of hardship in my life. My childhood was overly sheltered and was bullied all my life for it. Grew up in a straight laced Christian household and raised in the church. I…

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