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News: Morning events

Hi all! I am bringong worth information on two things.

We have every morning so called "Coffee time". It's time for everyone, extremely those in nerd to come to our chat and drink coffee with us (not mandatory. I personally drink water or juice) and discuss well… topic is free :) Time is flexible, and you find more information from our forums, under roon of solace.…

News: A strange shadow

I've been seeing shadow-esk creatuers out of the corner of my eyes sense i can remeber. Is their any deitey anyone can think of that this can be? I've tried to speak with it in my dreams and out loud and i get nothing. It has been like this for years, if anyone has any information of what or who they could be or a way for me to apease whatever ive acidently awoken please tell me. Thank you for even reading this, blessed be and be…

News: Learning through research

  • Posted 16th March 2020, 5:17 PM
  • By Felicia

Hummm …. how to start this blog ?  My first blog ever, LOL

Well, let's try this.  Learning through research, my thoughts on the subject.…

News: Information on a situation

Im looking for any and all links to books about creautures or any information i can find i have a house guest and im not quite sure what it is or if its harmful my feelings are mixed when its present it seems very young and childish in nature playful little trickster and i cant really see its true form for some reason i was thinking kitsune because i had a premonition dream a few weeks back…

News: Gathering nuts

I gather tons of occult information, like a ravenous, crazy squirrel, gathering nuts and storing them for winter! I glean information from online recources,  purchased or free books, advice and tips from support groups, even photos or pics for dream boards. While I think its important to gather, I need to take the time and  get grounded in order to consume the material. I'm  buried in a horde…

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