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News: New Features

Hello everyone!

There is new features on the site! You can choose to share your location and find other witches from your area. Also you can now befriend other members! Cool huh?


News: Morning events

Hi all! I am bringong worth information on two things.

We have every morning so called "Coffee time". It's time for everyone, extremely those in nerd to come to our chat and drink coffee with us (not mandatory. I personally drink water or juice) and discuss well… topic is free :) Time is flexible, and you find more information from our forums, under roon of solace.…

News: Spam E-mails

we've got few complaints regarding people spamming others. We will be monitoring the activity now more closely and find a way to get rid of spamming.

Mercury is in retrograde, weird stuff might occur!


News: New Rules

Hi all, I have done few changes there and there, but I also have few rules to remind you of.

Advertising your services on the forums, anywhere else than in the designated forum will lead to deletion of the entire post/topic and 24 hrs probation.

 Why? Because we receive multiple complaints how it annoys people to find interesting topic and only to find out its an advertising for services.…

News: Looking for friends!

  • Posted 28th April 2020, 6:04 AM
  • By cicomio

Hi !
I just recently registered here,so I want to find some friends! c:

If you don't mind to start communicating then write to me! I'll be waiting.

News: Could anybody help me?.

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 12:09 PM
  • By Tanya20

Hello …
 I’ve been drawing stars and having visions from 9 years old … I have books upon books of drawings of stars… with the occasional eye in which I’ve drawn over the years. I learned to live with it but my visions are getting stronger even a little mixed up. 
I was at work a few months ago where a customer who I’ve never met but have a feeling I have known here came to me and told me to start focusing on what I’ve been experiencing. I…

News: 2020 - The Year of Clarity

  • Posted 30th May 2020, 12:00 PM
  • By Saulamay

For me this was going to be the year of clarity and truth. This was going to be the year that I find out who I am and discover the path I was going to follow. This would be the year we find out if we are all in this together, or if the divide would get deeper and pull us apart. These first five months have not been what I expected, but perhaps it is doing what was expected, bringing out the truth.

News: New to site

  • Today the universe brought me here, I'm just trying to get a feel of the site. Any tips or ice breakers for me would be appreciated. Just looking to find more knowledge and insight while sharing mine as well.

News: Have things changed

So im re doing my BOS and I'm a bit confused….. A lot of documents I used before I can't find and the stuff I can find is not even close to what I dound when I first made my BOS.
Even tarot is different then how I was taught am I the only one who is having trouble?

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