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News: Let's make a difference!

I want to discuss about serious issue, that is present all the time and that's called bullying.

Why about bullying?
I have been bullied most of the my life, like many of my friends. So I speak ftom personal experience as well. This site has zero tolerance about bullying as well as hate speech and discrimination. back to the subject..…

News: just my musings

  • Posted 23rd August 2020, 2:01 PM
  • By MisterJ

As a child and even up till my late teens i was affraid of the dark , that fear of being watched by something or someone was there, that fear they had an advantage over you that the loss of clear sight let the bad arround you creep close, the hairs on my neck would twitch and crawl , i could not see any sense why i felt this way, it made no sense to be affraid but still i felt it.…

News: If anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

I know I am a witch as to what kind I have no idea. What I do know is the things that I can do and what I’m attracted to. I have always been able to read vibes from people I can feel them before they are next to me. It’s an extremely intense feeling wether it be good or bad. Sometimes in big crowds it’s so overwhelming I have to go or I get so emotional I cry. It is completely out of my control.

News: Meet & Greet!

Hi all!

We've opened a new section to the forums called: Meet and Greet, which is the forum to meet people in your own area, and maybe even arrange your own group meetings!


News: Lost and need help

Ive been a wiccan for 23 years now and ive helped alot of people with spells, advice, divination, even helped those whome lost someone with my empathic clairsentience abilitys but when i loose my lil brother in a tragic accident one by the hand of our dad i loose everything i feel the goddess and god abandond me and i know this sounds stupid and way to hollywood but i feel like i cant no i…

News: Have things changed

So im re doing my BOS and I'm a bit confused….. A lot of documents I used before I can't find and the stuff I can find is not even close to what I dound when I first made my BOS.
Even tarot is different then how I was taught am I the only one who is having trouble?

News: Masks, masks and about wearing the masks

Hi everyone,
instead of posting this as news, I decided to make blog post out of it.
Let's talk a bit about subject called WEAR THE MASK
But first let's start with basics.

Definition of pandemic is a disease, usually new one, which spreads - often fast worldwide, infecting multiple people at once.

Worst well known pandemics include for example…

News: Feelings

Hey there! I want to start off by saying I'm 24 years old and that for years now I have been wondering about witchcraft. Now I will say I am not pagan. But for years now I been wondering but never really looked into it. 6 months ago I saw signs and it's like something spiritually awakened in me. I'm very new to this. I have done some research, but not enough. I need help finding my way I'm not sure how to go about this.

News: Points of view.

Every single living being sees things from a different perspective. Perspective itself is one's individuality. I personally think those who follow a path of enlightenment or personal ascension should be role models for those around us. The Craft of the wise if you will. As people in general, we need to respect another perspective, even if we don't agree with it, and find out why they see the subject matter in the way they do.

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