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News: Auld long syne

Behalf entire staff of the

We hope for thee and bless thee with positive energy, with love, with courage to face the new decade.


Blessed Be everyone, we love you all <3

News: Worldwide Meditation  :11  :19  :tree:  :penta2:

  • Posted 3rd April 2020, 11:40 AM
  • By Oceanna

Hey all you beautiful beings! :) there has been word amongst many platforms apparently and i have heard from many fellow energy workers/ witches/ just anybody with the love for the earth that on the 4th of April there will be a worldwide meditation the times vary for different places around the world but i will share a few time zones.…

News: Rain magic.

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 1:23 AM
  • By cicomio

A little note on rain magic:

When to collect rainwater?
It has long been believed that rainwater has special magical properties. If you wash your face in the rain, wet the back of your head, lower back, heart and hands, it washes away the negative, helps healing. However, there are nuances

News: Your foundation

Hello my whole life I've been told that if I had a great magickal foundation that id do great as a witch. Here's the thang I was born into magick. My grandma was a witch an she taught me how to ground an center. An shield as to protect me from negative energy. Ok when you figure out where your going to be doing this ritual at you first should cleanse the area sweep it an burn a sweet smelling incense to clear negative energy away.

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