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News: I need help???

So sometimes when I'm not even trying I get this buzzy feeling, like parts of me are vibrating, and its hella weird, when I'm meditating I always see a yellowish orb around my left eye, and occasionally a tall figure, I still feel like I'm buzzing when this happens and I feel like my mind is literally somewhere else, I feel like I'm in a different place and it's hard to open my eyes…

News: Afterlife?

  • Posted 28th May 2020, 9:15 AM
  • By Amara

I am just curious about what everyone else believes about the afterlife? Do you think there is one? What do you think it looks like? 

News: Telekinesis

Has anyone else seen and done telekinesis if so I would like to know your experience

News: Blessed

I am so grateful for this website! It is very refreshing to know that this exists and that we are less alone than we think. It is comforting knowing that this is a place that we can come for learning the truth and not the false things that are everywhere else. Thank you for blessing us with this amazing and helpful website <3 Blessed be…

News: My intuition nagging at me

For quite a few years now I've had this itch at the back of my mind that something big is coming. A Big Change. Not just in my life, in everyone's life.
I've always had a very good intuition and I've learned not to ignore it.  I keep FEELINGS like we're about to end this age and begin a new one.  
Is anyone else feeling this? I mean really feeling it, not just expecting it because, after all,…

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