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News: Advertising

Just few reminders, don't use the forums to advertise your services. We may open section for this later on, but at the present moment it's prohibited.

There is expections to the rule, which will be individually inspected.

News: Too Many E-mails

Feel like your inbox is too full of notifications from this site?

You can easily turn off the e-mail notifications from your profile.

My Profiles - > Edit - > Notifications and take off all which you don't want notifications about.



 Hellooo! MY name is Becca. For a couple months now I been interested in the craft. However, I don't know anyone who practices. I was wondering if anybody would mind being sort of a guide for me. I don't know what books to start reading, what to start practing, etc. I think a guide will help me focus more on what I need to learn. 

News: Help :)

Hi my name is Chai and i guess i am what you call, a baby witch? I'm fairly new to everything i have already learned some do's and do nots i already know which craft i am interested in which is green witchcraft. I just don't really know where to start…i would love some help.

News: Looking for friends!

  • Posted 28th April 2020, 6:04 AM
  • By cicomio

Hi !
I just recently registered here,so I want to find some friends! c:

If you don't mind to start communicating then write to me! I'll be waiting.

News: Enter the Void

The space between everything.
  It's under your bed
  In your mind
  Behind your head
and out of time

They don't want you to know
They don't want you to see
 so pretend you don't,      and they won't
Erase your memory

News: Happiest of birthdays

  • Posted 21st June 2020, 11:58 AM
  • By Astaria

I don't know you all yet but hope to soon I wish you all a very happy and blessed birthday may all your dreams come true and if they don't then just make a spell of it LOL looking forward to a long and happy Friendship! ⭐ Asteria ⭐

News: Why cats?

I never really been a cat person but long and behold I got a cat. My husband wanted a cat I wanted a dog we got a maincoon cat 🐯  and yes he has a lot of personality.

From strangling my husband to wake him up , throwing books at me, randomly getting used as a human scratching post we love him…

News: Masks, masks and about wearing the masks

Hi everyone,
instead of posting this as news, I decided to make blog post out of it.
Let's talk a bit about subject called WEAR THE MASK
But first let's start with basics.

Definition of pandemic is a disease, usually new one, which spreads - often fast worldwide, infecting multiple people at once.

Worst well known pandemics include for example…

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