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News: i need help.

so im new here and ive been having a really depressing time because someone really wants to blackmail me. he would use my own pictures and set them online so everyone can see. karma is not doing its job and i want to put a curse on him, and a realy bad one too. i never talk to him and im forced to because he would threaten to expose me.

News: Full Moon is Approaching


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News: Important notice


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News: Samhain

  • Posted 12th October 2020, 8:03 AM
  • By MikeTempe

Greetings All, I am curious about what everyone will be doing for Samhain. This is my first time celebrating this special night and will probably be celebrating on my own. I like to know what others do so please share if you like. Blessed be.

News: update on my life

I am doing much better since I last wrote. :)I went to spend time with my family for the holidays which went mostly well. :thumbs:I start college again on jan 19. :$I am a sophomore. In terms of wicca, I have been stocking up on new things for it like rune stones and essential oils. I got all my bigger errands done for the week so I am enjoying my break now. I am still single as I have chosen to be to…

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