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News: Apportation

Hello has anyone else had experience with this ?
I never knew it was a word until I read it today on one of the other forms

 I'm not familiar with the different terminology of things but just this year in the last 6 months I personally made one object disappear and at different times later made 2 objects appear.
 I've done this of course in the past but I always thought it was parted of…

News: Deities

  • Posted 15th June 2020, 9:43 AM
  • By Vallah


You can still be a witch and not worship or work with any deities. New witches seem to get it into their heads that the first thing they have to do is choose a deity. False. If you decide to worship a particular god or goddess that is entirely up to you, but in no way necessary. If it is something you choose then you should take your time to learn about different deities from different pantheons and go with whichever you feel a connection…

News: Have things changed

So im re doing my BOS and I'm a bit confused….. A lot of documents I used before I can't find and the stuff I can find is not even close to what I dound when I first made my BOS.
Even tarot is different then how I was taught am I the only one who is having trouble?


Temple pillars have been a feature in antiquity throughout the Eastern Mediterranean in many traditions. The concepts associated with them have grown and reappear in various ways in different traditions today which may or may not have direct association with any spiritual system. But their intentions also have import for those who are trans, non-binary, or intersex.

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