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News: Menstural Magic

  • Posted 17th June 2020, 4:29 PM
  • By Vallah

So back in the day (pre Christian), it was a common belief that a woman’s monthly flows held the power of fertility. Women were held in high regard for the ability to produce life. Women would often add their menstural blood to the soil of recently harvested fields so as to encourage the fertility of the soil. This led to Red Tents, or Moon Lodges. This was a sacred space for women to go during their cycle. Men were forbidden to enter, and girls could not enter until they reached their “first…

News: big changes

Hey everyone. Hope you guys are doing good. tw: diet, blood
The biggest change I've had recently was my eating. I am now on the ClearVite eating plan which if you dont know means I am solely eating fresh fruits, veggies and some fish and chicken. It has been pretty difficult so far as my body is adjusting to a healthier eating plan, so I have a stomach ache most of the day, some abdomen pain and a headache. I…

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