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News: Learning through research

  • Posted 16th March 2020, 5:17 PM
  • By Felicia

Hummm …. how to start this blog ?  My first blog ever, LOL

Well, let's try this.  Learning through research, my thoughts on the subject.…

News: Baby Witch Pendulum Adventure

Hi everyone! I’m a baby wicca. :) I’ve always had an interest in the practice, but about half a week ago I had this sudden energy to actually do something. I’m still closeted, however. I’ve spent so much of my time meditating and planting and just having so much fun! Today I’m making moon water that will be finished by tomorrow, and I also made my own pendulum. Something told me it…


  • Posted 24th June 2020, 6:20 PM
  • By Asteria

Well today I had a few things to finish for my ritual on the full moon I had to finish my scrying board and I had to make a strophallos and if you've ever made a strophalos they're hard to make its hecate's witches wheel.  I staid up for half the night. So pardon me for any grammar or and he weirdness I'm going to blame it on the lack of sleep. I started my dark goddess anointing oil a month…

News: My first blog

I'm Desert Sage, and this is my first blog.
I've spent a few hours rummaging  around on this site and I've been pleasently surprised  to find all the little treasures (info) thats freely available. Thank you, to everyone who made all this information accessible to everyone.…

News: help for love spell! <3  :$

hello there, I am looking for a safe love spell(Yes i am aware that all spells have some sort of karma ) If this matters this spell would be on a ex lover,
My intentions are pure I just really need help and healing. I do not really have any witchy items since i do not really have any money at all, the closest thing i have are heart chakra incense sticks. If you know any spells I can do with…

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