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News: Virus fears, protections, and what else?

  • Posted 26th February 2020, 10:47 AM
  • By SF_Wilds

As someone who gets to live in a more rural area, I don't envy the people who have to work in the bigger cities. A lot of people in my small area do travel into the major cities for work, every day. This virus, reguardless of the craziness behind it, sucks and is scary. I personally know and see many other pagans are not physically the healthiest (though I know the same can be said for almost all groups of people). I… Read more 2 comments

News: Friendship, Themes, and Stress

  • Posted 11th March 2020, 10:58 AM
  • By SF_Wilds

I'm not sure where to start. It's a pattern, a part of my lifestyle, beliefs, and something I can't put my finger on.
Since my husband and I got together, we have had a weird theme of friendships. No matter who the friend is, they come along with personal issues in their relationships. In 7 years there have been 3 couples in our lives one at a time, with one or both of the people in the couple being our friend. I know this might be confusing, I still need a coffee… Read more 4 comments


 Hellooo! MY name is Becca. For a couple months now I been interested in the craft. However, I don't know anyone who practices. I was wondering if anybody would mind being sort of a guide for me. I don't know what books to start reading, what to start practing, etc. I think a guide will help me focus more on what I need to learn.  Read more 3 comments

News: Hi

  • Posted 5th April 2020, 1:05 AM
  • By Bethany.

I’m still kinda new to being apart of Wicca  but I kinda have a question is it bad that spirits contact me ? 
Read more 2 comments

News: Please Help

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site- but I've been a natural witch my whole life. Though, I've only just within the recent years started improving upon my skills and knowledge. I do all of my own spells and things like that by myself typically, but I'm not sure how to go about this situation magically- forgive me, it may or may not be a long read, but I'll try to explain the best I can- WARNING, PTSD-TRIGGERING AND GRAPHIC CONTENT!Read more 2 comments

News: Hi Everyone

Hi, I'm Robingoodfellow. Practitioner of Green Witchcraft and Earth Warrior, seeker of mysteries and knowledge lost through the ages. Candle Magick is a specialty. Being a witch has been more of a destiny for me than an actual choice. I've come to find that my family has included a line of Sicilian strega and stregone going back many generations, although my family in general are mainly… Read more 2 comments

News: Hello!

Hi everybody! I am new to both this website and being Wicca. My parents aren't all that accepting of the path I have chosen to take, and I would love some support. I have many questions about being Wicca and I hope that you can answer them for me! Read more 1 comment

News: I accepted that i'm a Witch

Today is the first day I have allowed myself to be a witch all day long. Not just for the 5-10 minutes when I'm doing a spell, reading my tarot cards, or visualizing my future. It's almost comical that I spent 3 years learning about divination and casting and spells without ever thinking that I qualified as a witch. I have memories of being a witch during the Salem witch trials and the traumaRead more 3 comments

News: About me

I was born a natural witch and didn't know it till ten years ago. I accept all people just as they are,judgment is not in my catergory. I'm also bisexual and embrace LGBT. I'm a lover of nature,art,metal music and animals. I have experienced a great deal of hardship in my life. My childhood was overly sheltered and was bullied all my life for it. Grew up in a straight laced Christian household and raised in the church. I… Read more 2 comments

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