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  • Posted 11th March 2020, 10:58 AM
  • By SF_Wilds


News: When to help a fellow Pagan…..

  • Posted 30th March 2020, 3:46 PM
  • By Felicia

Hi !    I remember the first few times when I wanted so desperately help a fellow pagan only to realize that I was not able to help them at all because I knew little or nothing about the path of their choice.   This is where I have learned that helping a fellow pagans does not necessarily mean teaching them anything.  A lot of time, it means supporting them in their decisions of following…

News: i need help.

so im new here and ive been having a really depressing time because someone really wants to blackmail me. he would use my own pictures and set them online so everyone can see. karma is not doing its job and i want to put a curse on him, and a realy bad one too. i never talk to him and im forced to because he would threaten to expose me.

News: I need help

  • Posted 8th June 2020, 8:56 AM
  • By harper77

hey, i'm 13 years old and i just started practicing witchcraft, the only problem is my mum is christian and against it so i cant tell her im practicing it, can you guys give me tips on how to practice it in secret
i also have a few questions
what am i supposed to buy
And how do i start my journey because i started it today and im kinda confused on what to do
Also im sorry english isnt my first language so im sorry if there are any mistakes but can anyone help me out please…

News: Recurring dream

when I was younger I used to have recurring that in the day time when I went outside I would have to squint because the light would irritate my eyes so bad. Im 39 now and its happening just like that.

News: Information on a situation

Im looking for any and all links to books about creautures or any information i can find i have a house guest and im not quite sure what it is or if its harmful my feelings are mixed when its present it seems very young and childish in nature playful little trickster and i cant really see its true form for some reason i was thinking kitsune because i had a premonition dream a few weeks back…

News: Magickal Knowledge

  • Posted 10th July 2020, 10:46 PM
  • By Vallah

I have a real issue with traditions that limit information about Magick. Only teaching people that have been chosen or initiated or requiring a membership fee. I find this practice abhorrent.

Pagans of old held so much knowledge of plants and animals, of humanity and spirituality, of the earth and the stars, knowledge we barely scratch the surface of today. Stonehenge, while we can theorize what it was for, we don’t REALLY know, and yet our primitive ancestors built this wonder.

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