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News: Rain magic.

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 1:23 AM
  • By cicomio

A little note on rain magic:

When to collect rainwater?
It has long been believed that rainwater has special magical properties. If you wash your face in the rain, wet the back of your head, lower back, heart and hands, it washes away the negative, helps healing. However, there are nuances

News: A Much Needed Deep Breath For Our Planet

I say this with great care because I'm well aware how many people around the world are suffering right now, both physically and financially. But I feel it needs to be said:
While covid-19 has been a catastrophe for humanity it's been a blessing for our Planet Earth.  With humanity hitting the pause button on itself the Earth is  a little cleaner, less polluted, quieter than it was just a few months…

News: Site is back to normal

Hi all and apologies about the site going in berserker mode yesterday! This has now been fixed and site works as normal


News: Something to be excited about

Just saw the first firefly of the year in the back yard.  YAY!!!

News: Information on a situation

Im looking for any and all links to books about creautures or any information i can find i have a house guest and im not quite sure what it is or if its harmful my feelings are mixed when its present it seems very young and childish in nature playful little trickster and i cant really see its true form for some reason i was thinking kitsune because i had a premonition dream a few weeks back

News: i need advice..please be kind<3

hello there, if you are reading this please help me. I am just getting the hang of being a witch and getting into this stuff.I have lots of knowledge in loa/ law of attraction.
For about a month already almost every night I have been manifesting my ex-lover back into my life.why? because he gave me hope, he was a big positive impact in my life, he made me feel complete and happy I truly loved…

News: I wanted to share this……

  • Posted 22nd December 2020, 2:21 AM
  • By Darkelf

Hi! I am new here. I wanted to share my past, through….


I was abused since birth. My mom was an addict, and had left my bio dad before I was born, for another addict. I was born addicted to drugs. My mom only saw me as money. So I was sold out for sex (mind you I was an infant). The courts got involved eventually, and made my mom choose. Me or my dad. She choose me. She went on to go out with men.

News: Question.

  • Posted 7th January 2021, 7:19 PM
  • By Moonie

So a while back I had a visitor. I've had a few unknown scare me out of sleep. But this one I could see awake. It was a younger man, gentle energy, like he was just watching over me. Protective maybe. So I didn't think of it and fell back asleep. I figured maybe it could have been a deity of some sort but I've never been spoken to in dreams or anything. And my friend thinks it could have been a demon, but im not too sure. What do yall think?

News: book of shadows recs?

hola! im back again! my book of shadows was shipped to me the other day- anyone have any good spells or things i should put into it?

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