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News: Something is going to happen

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m a baby witch. I’m still in the broom closet, as my parents are very Christian. I just started learning about Wicca a couple weeks ago, and I was meditating tonight so that I could maybe discover who my God and Goddess were. I saw some not very good things while I was meditating, though. Something is going to happen, and it’s going to be big, and it’s going to be bad. I… Read more 4 comments

News: Baby Witch Has Arrived!

Hello! I'm Aaron and I'm a new baby witch to the community! I hope to learn lots to put in my book of shadows and talk to you all. Read more 4 comments


 Hellooo! MY name is Becca. For a couple months now I been interested in the craft. However, I don't know anyone who practices. I was wondering if anybody would mind being sort of a guide for me. I don't know what books to start reading, what to start practing, etc. I think a guide will help me focus more on what I need to learn.  Read more 3 comments

News: Please Help Me!!

  • Posted 22nd April 2020, 8:52 AM
  • By violett15

Hello Everyone. I am currently a student working on my senior project on modern Wicca and Witchcraft. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions for me that would be wonderful and extremely helpful. I am also a baby witch and would appreciate any advice or knowledge anyone would have to share. Thank You all! Read more 7 comments

News: Migraine Magick?

Good Sunday everyone! I hope you are all well.
 I am currently suffering from ANOTHER Migraine. I have been getting them since I was a teen.
I wonder, has anyone found migraine relief with their Magick before?
As always, any tips you can share with this newborn baby witch are greatly appreciated 🙌 Read more 2 comments

News: I will rulw witches chat

I am. Read more 1 comment

News: Making progress

Good morning everyone. In the last couple weeks since joining the site I have been building up my knowledge base. I've collected a few books and I've done quite a bit of online research. I feel good about my progress.
I have learned that for now at least, I would consider myself an eclectic BABY witch. I am fascinated by all paths and feel connected to so many different elements.
I have also been following a lot of amazing witches on Tiktok. I'm excited to keep growing in the craft.
Read more 1 comment

News: A Witchy name?

So I've been seeing things about a witch having a witchy name to go by. Given to them by their spirit guide, etc. I wonder, do you have to have a separate name for your practice? Or can you keep your own name if you like?? Desteni Dawn is my real (first and middle) name and I'm quite fond of it. I credit my hippie momma for my name :)  I apologise if this is a dumb question. I am still a super BABYRead more 3 comments

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