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News: 900

We've reached 900 members! Thank you everyone for your efforts and being part of this community <3 Tell others more of us and let's grow beyond, bringing together witches all over the world <3 <3 <3

News: Masks, masks and about wearing the masks

Hi everyone,
instead of posting this as news, I decided to make blog post out of it.
Let's talk a bit about subject called WEAR THE MASK
But first let's start with basics.

Definition of pandemic is a disease, usually new one, which spreads - often fast worldwide, infecting multiple people at once.…

News: Breaking Century

A male witch pregnant; Memories are worth having, they are a sacred part of your being engulfing the innocence of the soul. “I NEED ALL MY MEMORIES” I’ve had to endure too much of what too many thought life meant preserving my strength and resources to be great value to this world, I have let sooo many troubling situations get out of way. This is quite hard to say, I watched my babies…

News: Supernatural or natural

Many times, if not constantly. I've heard and read "witches, shamans, wizards, and sorcerer's" all acquired their abilities through worshipping a deity, doing a daily ritual, meditate and fast in a woods, or saying a mantra 101 times. Based on observation, I've noticed alot of people look to outward sources for power, happiness, and serenity. Based on my findings, those individuals are only momentarily satisfied with the new something or someone and then go back to square one.

News: lucid {absynthe}

my 3 year quest to find a bottle of Lucid Absynthe paid off yesterday. a liquor store that drew my attention a month or few ago, i finally had spare cash to walk in there with yesterday. one bottle of top shelf liquor and i nabbed it.
 woody harrelson from zombieland "last twinky in the world" style

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