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News: A strange shadow

I've been seeing shadow-esk creatuers out of the corner of my eyes sense i can remeber. Is their any deitey anyone can think of that this can be? I've tried to speak with it in my dreams and out loud and i get nothing. It has been like this for years, if anyone has any information of what or who they could be or a way for me to apease whatever ive acidently awoken please tell me. Thank you for even reading this, blessed be and be…

News: Please Help

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site- but I've been a natural witch my whole life. Though, I've only just within the recent years started improving upon my skills and knowledge. I do all of my own spells and things like that by myself typically, but I'm not sure how to go about this situation magically- forgive me, it may or may not be a long read, but I'll try to explain the best I can- WARNING, PTSD-TRIGGERING AND GRAPHIC CONTENT!

News: My first blog

I'm Desert Sage, and this is my first blog.
I've spent a few hours rummaging  around on this site and I've been pleasently surprised  to find all the little treasures (info) thats freely available. Thank you, to everyone who made all this information accessible to everyone.…

News: Healing Spells…

Hello to all! I'm a baby witch in desperate search of a spell or ritual (White magic please.) I'm only 32 years old and being only in the early stages of learning witchcraft, I've hit a brick wall. I don't have a coven, in fact I wouldn't even know where or how to began a search for one. Lucky for me, I just so happened upon Witches Chat. I'm in need of a healing. You see, my troponin levels have elevated and the doctors have no idea how it happened.

News: After Action Review in BOS

I've been thinking of asking other witches if they add an " After Action Reveiw" section  to their BOSs.

For example, at the end of the written spell, do any of you happen to mention if the spell  was successful or a  failure, or what they may have done right or wrong?
I've been thinking that I should have started this years ago, but I didn't want to ruin the BOSs witchy aesthetics. I know that…

News: My intuition nagging at me

For quite a few years now I've had this itch at the back of my mind that something big is coming. A Big Change. Not just in my life, in everyone's life.
I've always had a very good intuition and I've learned not to ignore it.  I keep FEELINGS like we're about to end this age and begin a new one.  
Is anyone else feeling this? I mean really feeling it, not just expecting it because, after all,…

News: A Student Of Existence

  • Posted 9th September 2020, 8:21 AM
  • By Hekentri

Just looking For feedback.  I'm a solo practitioner of the craft, but most importantly I am a dedicate/child of the Goddess Hecate.
I've been on this path for some years now, and its an excruciatingly lonesome one. I rarely come across other witches and when I do, their demeanor is often questionable at best. I've only ever spoken to one high priestess; she of coven Oldenwilde. That was for a brief period to help get me started.

News: Coming out of the witch closet

Ever since I can remember I've been drawn to witch craft and the supernatural, as of late that connection has grown. I've never been able to talk about it with another person or fully understand it. I do believe I have a connection to the supernatural but I don't fully understand what it is. How do you discover who you are as a witch and what you're truly capable of?

News: Supernatural or natural

Many times, if not constantly. I've heard and read "witches, shamans, wizards, and sorcerer's" all acquired their abilities through worshipping a deity, doing a daily ritual, meditate and fast in a woods, or saying a mantra 101 times. Based on observation, I've noticed alot of people look to outward sources for power, happiness, and serenity. Based on my findings, those individuals are only…

News: Fear.

In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to speak on this topic. Fear for many of us is varied and wide ranged. My time on this chat has been short compared to others, but I've noticed alot of comments have been made on the lines of uncertainty. This is also a varied type of fear, and when embarking on any path everyone should be brutally honest with themselves. People who usually take up the path of the Art (lack of better words).

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