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News: Full Moon Chat Tomorrow Night!


reminding you all that we have Full Moon Chat Tomorrow, Friday 10th of January at 6 PM EST.

Hope to see you all there <3 Read more 0 comments

News: Full Moon Chat Tonight!

Join us on our chat room tonight at 6 PM EST for special chat! Hope to see you there <3Read more 0 comments

News: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Trock8631 , blondebombshell , Blonde35 and Tasha love !… Read more 0 comments

News: Baby Witch Has Arrived!

Hello! I'm Aaron and I'm a new baby witch to the community! I hope to learn lots to put in my book of shadows and talk to you all. Read more 3 comments

News: Introducing myself

Hi everyone, my name is Nathan, and I have been a wiccan for around 6 months now. Wicca is the only faith that I have ever really been attracted to. I live in a small town in northern Georgia, where practicing wicca is frowned upon. When I started "coming out of the broom closet", I caught lots of hate and I lost many friends. I am openly bisexual, and I love playing the guitar and writing songs.
Read more 1 comment

News: Litha

Hello Everyone! I was just wondering what some of your Litha (Midsummer) activities included. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and blessed be! Read more 0 comments

News: Merry Meet!

Glad to be here. It good to see there's still social sites for witches. Had too many problems in the past with other sites including Facebook. I hope this site goes well for me. Blessings Read more 1 comment

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