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News: Full Moon Chat Tomorrow Night!


reminding you all that we have Full Moon Chat Tomorrow, Friday 10th of January at 6 PM EST.

Hope to see you all there <3

News: Full Moon Chat Tonight!

Join us on our chat room tonight at 6 PM EST for special chat! Hope to see you there <3

News: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Trock8631 , blondebombshell , Blonde35 and Tasha love !…

News: Baby Witch Has Arrived!

Hello! I'm Aaron and I'm a new baby witch to the community! I hope to learn lots to put in my book of shadows and talk to you all.

News: Introducing myself

Hi everyone, my name is Nathan, and I have been a wiccan for around 6 months now. Wicca is the only faith that I have ever really been attracted to. I live in a small town in northern Georgia, where practicing wicca is frowned upon. When I started "coming out of the broom closet", I caught lots of hate and I lost many friends. I am openly bisexual, and I love playing the guitar and writing songs.

News: Litha

Hello Everyone! I was just wondering what some of your Litha (Midsummer) activities included. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and blessed be!

News: Merry Meet!

Glad to be here. It good to see there's still social sites for witches. Had too many problems in the past with other sites including Facebook. I hope this site goes well for me. Blessings

News: My first blog

I'm Desert Sage, and this is my first blog.
I've spent a few hours rummaging  around on this site and I've been pleasently surprised  to find all the little treasures (info) thats freely available. Thank you, to everyone who made all this information accessible to everyone.…

News: Help!

Hi! I am new to the community - I wanted to ask if anyone can provide insight on this experience. I was gathering feathers for a Phoenix Energy Protection Spell. I couldn’t find any until I came across a whole dead bird! Is this a bad sign? Should I be worried? Hope to hear your thoughts. Thank you. 

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