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News: New Features

Hello everyone!

There is new features on the site! You can choose to share your location and find other witches from your area. Also you can now befriend other members! Cool huh?


News: Hello!

Hi! My name is lee, im a baby witch as some would say. im looking into learning more. if anyone has any tips feel free to help! im looking into a wiccan path, people have told me to learn the thing im most intrestead in and move on to the next…. i am very intrigued by tarot and candle magic.. but im not sure if it the choice just to jump into one thing with reading and so on.. thank you so much! <3

News: Baby Witch Has Arrived!

Hello! I'm Aaron and I'm a new baby witch to the community! I hope to learn lots to put in my book of shadows and talk to you all.

News: Mrs

Hello my name lynda I live in U.K. thank u for add

News: Hello! :)

  • Posted 26th March 2020, 1:00 PM
  • By Jes.jes

Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to this and would love to learn all that I can. Any advice would be great. I would  love to make new friends in the process of learning more. I'm a pretty friendly person, I'm just awkward and shy.

News: trying to say hello

Hello, I have been going around and around on the website, but the "introduce yourself" doesn't seem to be working? I even tried to use chat? So I don't know what is up, or if I'm supposed to wait a time period before I can use the site? Not sure. But, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to others, but I am unable to do so atm. 

News: Hello!

Hi everybody! I am new to both this website and being Wicca. My parents aren't all that accepting of the path I have chosen to take, and I would love some support. I have many questions about being Wicca and I hope that you can answer them for me!

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