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News: Auld long syne

Behalf entire staff of the

We hope for thee and bless thee with positive energy, with love, with courage to face the new decade.


Blessed Be everyone, we love you all <3

News: Happy Birthday Basilara

Blessed be your upcoming year with love, prosperity and lots of laughter and joy.

Happy Birthday!

News: Post Lengths

Blessed Be All!

Hopefully you are able to write longer posts starting now to the forums. More points you have, the longer post you can make!

Please keep me posted if there is an issue.


News: Hall of Help

We have new forum called: Hall of Help.
When you need magickal help or guide, or just opinio, this is a place for you to post.

If you need help otherwise, you can use the Room of Solace. :)

Blessed be all!…

News: Psst..!

Litha is time of festives, magick, getting together and enjoying ourselves.
and we are having a special chat for it.
Midsummer is June 20th! Join us for a Midsummer Party!!! Free readings from *No name* from 5-7pm PST, and bunnyrabbit starting at 7 pm EST )O(

See you on the chatroom everyone!

Blessed be.…

News: Litha

Hello Everyone! I was just wondering what some of your Litha (Midsummer) activities included. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and blessed be!

News: Blessed Summer Solstice!

Let it be full of fun and new experiences.
Remember to come to our chatroom at 5 pm PST! We promise good time with merry people!

Connect to us at twitter! @ChatWitches


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