Breaking Century

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A male witch pregnant; Memories are worth having, they are a sacred part of your being engulfing the innocence of the soul. “I NEED ALL MY MEMORIES” I’ve had to endure too much of what too many thought life meant preserving my strength and resources to be great value to this world, I have let sooo many troubling situations get out of way. This is quite hard to say, I watched my babies geh chopped up & watch the community call me and my babies an abomination and because I am a male the island in which I reside, even though I’m a US citizen they have organized a scheme to plague my social counts of my journey to Success as insanity, everything on the island is a gimmick and a hoax to try and plague me for power and everytime I try to have a conversation they try to act lost and confused thinking I’ll get mad and flip or just dumbing their sense to the ignorance by saying magic doesn’t exist; after have they all been approaching for years asking for advice disrupting my school learnings year after year since 1999, I’ve had my mind reset to the point of having to relearn my name and retrace my entire life by drawing blood but after such a recovery, to obtain my ambition’s potential would be nice.

   I am just seeing who is out there in the real world of wonder so I can patch my existence in this world at a more differentiated means to be successful… I lose my family too much and I refuse to ever go crazy after pursuing my education so diligently whilst holding the spiritual path at an equal stature…

    Who can stand up to the evil I have Subsidies for a moment, yet threatens to be back.
 Msg suggestions on easy birth tips besides doctors. 🙏🏼🔮😇🧚🏼‍♂️🐉


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