:jumpycrow: An American  Bald Eagle  :jumpycrow:

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My husband saw a Bald Eagle while he was at the dump. We live in a small town, so people have to throw away their own garbage.
As he was there, he noticed the usual birds weren't flying.  Then, he noticed a large Bald Eagle perched on an heep of trash, eating a bird. The Eagle was beautiful  and he took several pictures.  I thought of it as good luck, but I wanted to enjoy deducting the symbolism too.

Native Symbolism of the Bald Eagle
The eagle symbol meaning in their culture is of strength, wisdom, and courage. An eagle is typically a messenger for the Native Americans to the creator. They believe that an eagle has a significant connection with visions and delivers their prayers to the Great Spirit of the Spirit world.

In fact, eagles’ symbolic meaning is so sacred for them that they would hold an eagle feather aloft as a custom while saying a prayer. (Copypasta worldbird)

The Eagle was also perched on a pile of trash, which could be symbolic of the state of America, or perhaps the town we live in. The eagle can mean power and courage. So the powerful and courageous will make it out of the rubble? The eagle was also eating, which I think could symbolize success. What do you think?
Overall,  I think it's a positive omen.


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