What goes up Must come down... then Clarity?

I became the pagan white witch I always longed to be back in 2015. My bff and I created our own witch academy. Hitting the books, bouncing ideas off each other for our rituals plans, gathered all our ingredients and magick materials, planned weeks ahead, read tarot’s, made so many arts and crafts, organized, and set up an entire bedroom simply dedicated to our mission. To become the real deal witch’s….. I was on cloud nine. No one was going to stop the BURST of my empowered self seeking more in life and not afraid Of what anyone thought of  me….I am so very proud of who I am, but I believe I opened doors that weren’t ready to be opened yet. What goes up Must come down in a series of unfortunate events. We were stopped dead in our tracks. All the work and dedication we put in was GONE. Now 5 years later…. I carry the weight of curiosity every day. I ask myself what happen that summer and why when I finally became powerful, my universe started to spiral out of control. I want so badly to get back to that moment where I am standing in my fully organized set up alter room and begin my magicks again…. I feel maybe I advanced so quickly within just a few short months that I had to be put through a series of trials. The universe seeing if I am really as True as I say and feel I am. I never gave up and lost ALOT along the way proving myself worthy of the universeS blessing. Until next time  )0( Blessed be 


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