We All Matter

It’s been awhile since my first blog. Not that I haven’t wanted to blog, but I feel I only want to write about really really important emotional feelings then just every day this is how I feel blogs. Not that I’m judging anyone who does that. I think that’s fantastic. With me it’s very hard to talk about my feeling unless I am really feeling it deep deep down and can’t find a way to bottle it up. Which again I am told is very implosive behavior and is the last thing I should do… definitely working on that best I can.. I just want to make this simple…. this world has always been a mess since the dawn of time. We
as a people still have not learned from our tragic mistakes we seem to be making over and over again. Look in my eyes 👁 we all bleed 🩸 the same blood…. I am really furious with how CRAZY everyone is acting and actually becoming extremely violent. That is no way to take a stand. Every great leader who really stood their ground unfortunately were killed in the line of Fire by speaking out loud. All they did was speak these few words. “ we should and are all equal and should stand together as one”. All they tried to do is change the future by a simple act of wisdom and kindness. It’s not only Blacks Matter, White Matter, Asian Matter, Indians Matter, Hispanics Matter. “WE ALL MATTER” . I hope 🤞🏼 and pray  👏 One day we can all finally just see whats best for our 🌱 Mother Earth 🌍 and what’s best for our babies and kiddos future. Thank you and Blessed be )0(  


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