Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

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Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

Hello beautiful people! Do you realize we're already about one-third into the year? It's time to get ready for a few things!

Get ready for change!

As I mentioned in the prior newsletter, because of CORVID-19 we're going to experience changes that nobody could have predicted. There's going to be some political shifts that help the world heal, and some economic issues that test our faith. It's time to step up our game. Even without watching the news on TV, Witches are empathically tuned in to what's happening. Witches are well known for working to shine a positive light on things that we come into contact with. That's what Witches do; we turn the bad into good. A Witch I knew once said that they are an undercover agent for good, and that they look for dark places so that they can shine positive light on them. Witches, we need you now more than ever. Be the bright light for others; Look only for the positive and the inspirational; Be in service to others for their benefit. We are on the front lines of big changes, so we've got to get our physical, emotional, and psychic house in order so that we can be there for others. If you've been considering diet and exercise, then today's the day to get started on a nutrition and exercise plan. Today's Beltaine marks the beginning of...beginnings!

Get ready to garden!

Life is nature, and we are always learning the ways of Mother Nature and to respect her teachings. Learn about stubborn things that resist strong winds and break, but those willing to bend to strong winds will see the sun rise again. Be on good terms with all. You have learned about the seasons drawn by the signs in the stars and the phases of the Moon and her fertile times. You have watched Sky and Sun bring light and health to the land and to the body. Be like the Earth, Sky, and Sun that nurtures. The Earth longs to nourish the seeds that trust you will plant them in the fertile ground, and the soil longs to feed those seeds you plant. We can also plant seeds in every interaction we have with others, and when we see the growing of goodness, nurture it, for there is a reward greater than good: love.

Get ready to vote!

Some of us (I'm TOTALLY guilty) do not vote or have not voted in a long time. Some of us are disappointed by the choices we are given, and so we decide not to get involved at all. Let me talk to you a moment about this. Witches, this time we are going through will need us more than ever, even politically. A lot is at stake today, including woman's rights, the distribution of wealth, and who controls the war machine. I'm not here to tell you who you should vote for (like some Christian billionaire preacher), but I strongly urge you to register to vote, and then DO IT. I love photography, and I often attend large gatherings and protests and so forth so that I can take some pictures. I have been to a lot of Women's Marches, and what I see every time at those functions is Witches. They give speeches about being Witches, and what it means to be a Witch. They sing about the fight against poverty, the battle for human rights, and the disgrace of inequality, among other things. Being a Witch has increasingly become synonymous with the fight for good. Please vote.




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