The First Witches Full Moon Chat was a success!

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Welcome to 2020

It has been many Moons since we've had a Witches Full Moon Chat, but tonight we restarted the old tradition of Full Moon Broadcasts. We conducted the first 2020 Witches Full Moon Chat tonight, and we learned a lot. UStream is no longer available so we learned to use a new broadcast method. Everyone was so rusty at it that we were a bit out of sync, but that turned out to be a benefit. We "proved out" the audio and the broadcast system, and it worked great. We learned that we need to get better microphones, and that's already in the works. We still have a smallish membership in the chat room, but we're working on growing that as well.

What's this all about?

Witches Chat has been around for a long time. The Internet Archives show Witches Chat as pretty active back in 2011, which is about 10 years ago.  One page capture from about 2010 shows we had 250 people join the chat room in a single day. That was pretty busy! In fact Witches Chat goes all the way back to the early days of the internet, even before the internet existed; back to the days of BBS's. But that's another story. The full history is interesting, and a lot of wonderful people contributed to the project. Witches Chat has always been about bringing people together. We'd like you to be part of our history, too, and especially part of our/the future. Sadly, some of the founding websites such as WitchVox.Com have gone dark this year. They did a spectacular job representing Wiccan and Pagan positions, and for decades they defended and represented our social, ethical, and political beliefs; yet there is more to be done, and while website can ever replace WitchVox.Com, Witches.Chat is here to pick up where WitchVox.Com left off.

Onward to the future.

We have often had Full Moon Witches Chat nights in the past, and we're bringing them back. We invite you to participate in the Full Moon Witches Chat nights which happen on nights when the moon is full. Obviously some meetings will be offset by a night or two to allow for Coven meetings that some of us may be obligated to, but we will be here to provide a place for everyone to gather together on those special nights. We will also include trivia nights and fun contests, and if you have an idea for the team, we welcome your suggestions at Malatesa@Witches.Chat or with our Webmaster RedGreyRaven

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I am also trying to have small special gatherings over the chat room on other esbats and sabbats for those of us whom do not belong to coven. obviously everyone is welcome on those, but them will be just small chit-chat events still. :)


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