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Our website and Chat Room, Witches Chat, continues to evolve as a respectable home for Witches, Pagans, and down-to-earth people looking for an online home. While recently we've been putting our efforts into the website itself, we have for the past 10 years been the go-to chat room for Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and those seeking a spiritual path that promotes the good that is inherent in all of us. This is a team effort, and you are the team.

Our Webmasters are RedGreyRaven and Malatesa. Please contact them for help with the website. For help in the Witches Chat Room, please contact one of the Ops in the room ( Rora, TruncatedDodecahedron, Mim, MCMLXV, Widdershins, Malatesa )



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