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Hello peeps. Obviously there's new software being used here on the website. There are a few issues out there that I predicted that have come true that have me a bit concerned. First, WitchVox announcing they are closing their doors. I believe the site will be there in an archived form, but it won't be the hub and home for Pagan news and information anymore. WitchVox has always been everyone's home, and as far as I know, it's the last of the original Pagan networking sites. I've also noticed at least a few Pagan websites trying to charge people to use their site. This falls in line with the industry's desire to make a profit on their website visitors. I think their's certainly a place for Pagan sites that sell Pagan goods, but to try to monitize chat and forums and general networking tools feels quite un-Pagan. So call it a protest or whatever, but Witches Chat won't be participating in any of that commercial nonsense. Anyway, we have a new website to help folks network, and also to give a big F.U. to the other Pagan sites that only want your money.


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