Google Ads are running again, for a while

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Just a quick update on the site.
  1. Google ads are running for a month or so, so we will see quite a few new faces from yesterday (December 16th, 2020) to about January 15th, 2021 or so. This may be a super rough time for websites, especially community websites, so it seems to me we needed the boost.
  2. @osiris has been helping out in the chat room to welcome newcomers, so there's been an increase in chat room activity over the last 2 weeks, and it will likely continue to rise. robin_drake asked about the direct url to the chat server if one uses an IRC client, and that is
  3. To the left and right of the main site logo are new links that point directly to significant documents regarding Witches and Witchcraft.
As always, feel free to share your thoughts about the site.



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