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We are all aware of the dire conditions around us and about all of the restrictions, orders… guidelines to act and try to protect those vulnerable and yet stay healthy ourselves.

We do also see, how the life we knew just few months ago had changed to something else. But what might comfort us, is that we are not alone in this situation and hopefully most of us try to do our best to adapt to the situation. It is hard, we know. It might feel like imprisonment with high worry about tomorrow. Peole are losing their jobs, economy is on its knees. We don't have the safety and comfort we knew a while ago.

But, we are certain things will change and this change brings us hope for better future for tomorrow. yes, for now we have lost our comfort zone, some has lost everything they have…. But we try our best as admin support you and we will hope for way better future. Economy will get better, we will get new jobs hopefully and get our life back in gear. But for now we have to try to adapt and find alternative methods of push this through with the inner strenght we have.

Me and malatesa are both hard headed individuals, and we fall hard on times and then cry our eyes out. Yet we get back on our feet and rise up like phoenix from ashes.

May us both share our inner strenght with all of you and try to adapt and overcome this crazy phase. We are strong together and like phoenix may all we raise from the ashes and become better. It might not be fast transition, but in time…. it will come.

Here is few power words to chant for you all .
   "Fire I am, Water I am, Air I am, Earth I am."

Blessed Be All.



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