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The old chat room is available at Sorcery.Net or by clicking on this link. Witches Chat has always used IRC Chat as the platform for group chat. To keep it active with advertising costs hundreds of dollars a month. Recently there was an issue, and during the dialog to resolve it, it was mentioned that "everything could change in a second." Later that night, someone mentioned a second chat room was opened, and that members that we pay money to attract, were going to the other chat room. This has happened in the past, and it ends up being expensive and stressful to deal with. Instead of repeating past mistakes, Witches Chat is going to take a more positive approach. We are opening up the integrated chat system that is embedded in the site already, and cleaning the code up a bit to streamline the effectiveness it offers. There are a number of positive outcomes to this move, including the following:
  • Members can post pictures in the chat room that can be seen immediately. With the old chat system, only the links would show.
  • Members will (eventually) be able to post music that can be heard by the other chat room members.
  • We will (eventually) be able to post video's right in the chat stream that everyone can watch or not, it will be up to the individual.
  • Font colors and styles and sizes of the text you post can be changed easily, allowing members to express themselves in more ways.
  • Pictures or Avatars of each member that is chatting is shown to the left of their posts. This gives a nice visual element that is not possible with the old chat.
  • Alerts will pop up when your friends sign in to the site, and you'll be able to see that while chatting.
  • Members are able to create their own chat rooms which they own and run.
  • Sounds can be turned on or off as notifications.
  • In the future, voice chat may be integrated into the chat room, but already, the chat room allows you to use your devices speech dictation software to post in the room just by talking out loud.
The old chat room will still be there for anyone that wants to use it. The transition from IRC Chat to the integrated chat will be difficult for a lot of people that are used to the old chat. For some, it will be impossible. For new members, they won't know the difference and will enjoy it for its ability to allow people to express themselves. In the short term, this will save a lot of money, and in the long term it will allow us to create a chat room that encourages kinds of expression that simply isn't possible with the old style of chat.

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