Self Charmed/Hexed story and Opinion?

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    Hello everyone, or I suppose I should say anyone who actually has the time to read this. I'm rather new to this whole blog thing, and by the end of it there will probably be a lot of grammar mistakes, but oh well. Just something that I've been wanting to get off of my chest for a while, and I'm rather curious about the rest of you, but I have a bit of a problem with casting things on myself when they're not exactly the best thing to do. Thankfully it's not like how I first started experimenting with magick, FYI apparantly Haitian Voodoo isn't supposed to be used on the living and can cause a sort of magick high with highly addictive qualities… really bad but was a new experience. My current issue is that due to the virus spreading, I am stuck with my family… no school to run off to, no friends to distract me, and nothing but confrontation…This is also the family that when I tried to discuss my beliefs with (Wicca) I ended up having a bible thrown at me (FYI I'm a "Christian" or at least until I can finally live on my own). Needless to say, things have been ruff, and my problem with smarting off and generally talking getting me in even more trouble than usual I decided to try something new to see if it would help. That's right folks, I have been binding myself daily for the past 3 days. It's honestly not that bad, just feel a little restricted. I guess if I was claustrophobic it would be a lot worse, but at least it seems to be working. Obviously it's not the worst thing you can do but it's still not what I would consider healthy. Hopefully I won't need to keep it up for too long. On that note, what about all of you fabulous readers? Do you have any interesting self Magicking stories you'd like to share now?

With that I wish you all a good night. May the Goddess watch over you. 


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