Could anybody help me?.

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Hello …
 I’ve been drawing stars and having visions from 9 years old … I have books upon books of drawings of stars… with the occasional eye in which I’ve drawn over the years. I learned to live with it but my visions are getting stronger even a little mixed up. 
I was at work a few months ago where a customer who I’ve never met but have a feeling I have known here came to me and told me to start focusing on what I’ve been experiencing. I knew straight away what she was telling me. I asked her who she was she said a old friend from the past. I asked her to stay put while I asked my supervisor if I could have my break early but when I got back she had gone. I tried to find her but she wasn’t any where t be seen. 
So the star I have been drawing since I was nine turns out to actually be the Wiccan pentagram. And my visions I get a feeling and I know when it’s going to happen… I’d love to find someone to chat to and to help me understand or maybe someone that has experienced what has happened to me. I just no that this star means something to me. 


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